Procrastination Technique of the Month: The Twofer

The Twofer is the Professional Procrastinator’s “buy one get one free” dinner.

It works like this: Accomplish an easy goal in order to avoid the most important and bigger thing you really need to do today.

For example, solve a problem with your website instead of doing your taxes. Weed your long unkempt garden to avoid the work project due tomorrow. Voila! You’ve successfully un-procrastinated on something you’ve been avoiding for ages in order to stall on something bigger and more urgent.

This technique will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment in what you’ve completed (the “paid for” dinner) as well as getting the free dinner:  the relief that comes from avoiding the truly important.

For double procrastination points, use someone else’s accomplishment as your excuse and relax entirely free of guilt without coughing up a dime.